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I offer sewing alterations in Ryde Isle of Wight for soft furnishings, blinds, curtains as well as your dresses, bridal wear, trousers, coats and other clothing or fabric accessories for boats/vans or homes.
Curtains can be shortened, lengthened with a contrasting fabric, or revitalized with a new lining .I also offer bridal and bridesmaid’s alterations. I alter wedding dresses and other evening gowns, suits, coats and other items for women and men.

(To give you a quote for work, it is vital to see the garment. Ladies, it is necessary to bring the bras you will wear on your day/evening with the dress and also the shoes if length of the dress needs adjusting)


Trousers, skirts, dresses and sleeves can be shortened, changed (within the limits of available material) or repaired. I can alter and adjust the cut if your clothes don’t fit you perfectly. Nearly anything can be repaired or changed. Please get in touch to discuss the best options for your items. I always give advise or what is possible and within reasonable budget. My aim is to help you not to rip you off. I always aim at best quality and take my time to achieve the best possible.

I made olso cushions, blankets with embriodery names and nappy cakes (nice idea for bayby shower).

Alterations we do:

-Shorten, lengthen, re-line & re-tape curtains

-Alter blinds, alter curtains from shortening to re-lining or changing

-Change or repairs zips

-Shorten or lengthen skirts, dresses, trousers, jackets, coats

-Taper skirts, dresses, trousersre-bead dresses

-Alter waistre-line any clothing

-Shorten sleeves/pick up shoulders

-Alter coats and jackets

-Alter bridal wearsewing of badges on uniforms

-and much more


We offer dressmaking service.Most women know that feeling ‘I have nothing to wear’ even though the wardrobe is over flowing with clothes. Maybe, you simply can’t find in the shops clothes that would perfectly fit. I know that problem well; being short but normal healthy size 12…most clothes have too narrow sleeves or too wide waist and so on… I can help by either altering an existing outfit for you or create something bespoke. Why not make something out of your old clothes? Bring your clothes you don’t want to wear anymore and we can discuss ideas to make something unique out of it. 
We either work from a pattern you bring, adjust one you already have or make a pattern out of your favourite item that is warned out or does not fit anymore.


Terms and Conditions:

Repaired/altered items must be collected within 2 weeks from the completion unless otherwise agreed. If the collection is not done within those times, £10 per week storage fee will apply.If no collection is made within 3 months, we reserve the right to dispose of uncollected items in any manner we wish in order to cover our lost income

On jobs quoted £50 or more and for materials, deposit is required.Only cash payment is accepted.

* In most cases I have to see what needs altering prior giving you exact quote. Please email about any alterations or repairs you need and I let you know what is possible and the exact cost prior commencing any work.

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